Welcome to Hongyuan Temple to worship Buddha.It’s hoped that you respect the belief of Buddism and follow the rules,which will get rid of your disaster and bring you good fortune, and you’ll never be in trouble.

  1. It’s the most auspicious to greet with 「amituofo」 Or 「Namo’amituofo」.
  2. Not open to visitors drinking,smoking,wearing slippers,being sloppily dressed,laying bare or bring with pets.
  3. It’s strictly forbidden to bring such things as meat dishes or wine into the temple.
  4. Use civilised words,deport yourselves in a dignified manner,walk slowly and talk in a soft voice and always keep solemn silent.Never laugh and play casually,talk loudly,walk with your shoulders in others’ hands.Never sing and circulate or play pop songs.You are also asked not to let your children laugh and play here and there.
  5. No scrbbling on the wall,putting up posters,or distributing leaflets or other propaganda materials.
  6. Burn joss sticks formally.It’s strictly forbidden to burn funerary paper and set off firewors in case of fire.
  7. Pay attention to hygiene and environmental protection.Don’t spit,throw away chewing gums ,skin of fruit or scraps of paper casully.
  8. Everything on Triratna has much to do with your preordained fate.You mustn’t use anything in temple without permission and even a needle.You have to compensate according to the cost if you damage any.
  9. Any blind faith activities are prohabited here such as fortune-telling,asking for help from god or divinatory symbols.

By HongYuan Temple